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An Irish Kinda Christmas

Tempo's 8th annual Christmas radio play this year is An Irish Kinda Christmas.

With songs laughs and good old Irish craic you won't want to miss it.

This year it will be broadcast at the special time of 7pm Christmas Day on radio 1RPH. You can tune in on 1125 on the AM dial in Canberra and surrounds, 89.5 FM in Wagga, 99.5 FM in Junee, or stream on the 1RPH web site.

Please join our cast for a wonderful time on Christmas evening.

Character Voiced by

Seamus O’Flaherty 

Paul Ballenger

Mick Delaney

Andrew Wallax

Pat Delaney

Garry Robinson

Maeve O'Flaherty

Jo Jones

Libby O'Flaherty

Nikki-Lynn Hunter

Sean Og

Michael Weston

Moira O'Flaherty

Cheryl Browne


Mary  Domitrovic


Peter Fock

Fr O'Reilly

Peter Fock

Narelle O'Flaherty

Melita Caulfield

Chuck O'Flaherty

Neville Pye


Andrea Charlton

Mike McTurf

Michael Weston

Cyril Clodhopper

Bill Kolentsis

Siobhan (Lady Springster)

Nikki-Lynn Hunter

Sean O'Flaherty

Michael Weston

Ronan O'Flaherty

Bill Kolentsis

Murder on the Nile

Murder on the Nile

The SS Lotus has steamed off into the distance.
The journey was epic.
To those who travelled on her and to all that watched her voyages down the Nile.
We say Thank You.


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