Original Scripts by Michael Weston and Bruce Vincent available for your group via Tempo Theatre Inc at very reasonable rates.

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Australian Pantomimes

Tempo's popular series of Pantos! Original pantomimes for Australian children!


By Michael Weston

This is the fourth in Michael's inacurately named pantomime trilogy. It is based on an original story about a young girl who is plucked from her sleepy little home in eastern Europe to go with her father - medical research doctoer - to deepest African jungle to find a cure for a hideous disease. Meanwhile back home the evil Duchess is trying to take over the throne and sends the entire royal family on a doomed plane tour. Back in the jungle our heroine Jean contracts the disease and her father gives her some of the experimental serum. Will she survive to save the kingdom with her monkey friends? Will the disease be cured? Who can stop the evil Duchess? And just what aren those villagers up to hunting a cowardly lion?
A very funny traditional script featuring the music of the MONKEES and some lovely original songs as well. A huge hit with all ages when produced by Tempo.


By Michael Weston and Josephine Jones

Another in Michael’s series of original pantomimes for Aussie children. Based on the Hans Christian Anderson tale of The Little Mermaid it tells the classical story of the mermaid who sells her singing voice to gain legs so she can explore the land above. Filled with colourful sea creatures and bumbling comedic humans this show was a huge success when produced by Tempo. In fact as far as we can ascertain it is the ONLY pantomime version of this fairy story available for production!! With 14 principals and an array of beautiful original music, this panto will leave your audiences tapping their toes all the way home.


By Michael Weston, with original score by Adam Bluhm

Tempo has a tradition of presenting quality children’s entertainment in the April school holidays. This usually takes the form of traditional English panto – but adapted for Australian kids.

In this script Michael has collaborated with the brilliant Adam Bluhm to create a fun filled, fast paced, story that had audiences laughing all the way home when Tempo performed it in 2006. With a cast of 14 Principals and a Junior and Senior chorus as big as you like – this show is ideal for school end of year concerts or large groups with lots of children. Containing lots of fun jokes and characters together with beautiful haunting melodies this is panto which will entertain the whole family... even mum and dad! A CD is available of the music which is simple and piano based. Running time of approximately 90 minutes with 2 Acts. (NOTE : The script also recommends 3 "non original" songs which you will need to hire the rights for – or leave out)


By Michael Weston, with original score by Adam Bluhm

This is the first all aussie traditional style pantomime with dames, villains, principal boys and foreign heroines. Full of lively original songs with words by Michael Weston and music by Adam Bluhm this show had local audiences yelling for more!  With 15 main roles and a number of support parts plus as many chorus members as you can get.

The story follows the traditional Jack and the Beanstalk tale. Jack Caroo is a young lad who lives on a station in the outback with his mum Grace and his Granny. But the country is in the middle of the worst drought ever and the evil McNab Banks is trying to buy up all the property for himself. Granny sends Jack off to sell the camel in town but on the way he meets a shady character called Oswald T Ralia who buys the camel for a bag of magic beans. After a windstorm hits the farm Jack and his dog Tinto are lost but Oz finds them and puts them on the path to meeting Fifi Fyfofum the famous French country and western singer. Can Jack get home in time to save the farm? Will he be able to use his talents to win the song contest? And just whose side is the shady Mrs Giant on?

Like all good pantos it should all end happily ever after!

Full Length Plays


By Michael Weston

The Story : It's almost Christmas time at the North Pole, but… things are different this year : the elves are grumpy; the reindeer are sick and children's letters have almost stopped. On top of all this Santa Clause finds out that the SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS is missing!! It's The SPIRIT'S "job" to spread Joy around the world before Santa does his big tour, but he's got so despondent on the state of the world that he just wanders off !

At his wits end, Santa appeals for God's help but the only person God has available is Cyril The Cherub. And so… off set Santa and Cyril on a whirlwind trip to try and find the SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS. Their travels take them to the Airport; Shopping Mall; Hospital; Sports Stadium and even a sleazy night club. Do they find him? That's what the audience has to wait to find out!

This play is a great all Aussie romp suitable for family Christmas entertainment or even a "Theatre Restaurant" style show. With 10 main characters and a supporting chorus the play was staged by Tempo with a cast of only 11 as "doubling up" of characters is easy! Your group will love performing Cyril the Cherub Saves Christmas!

Who is Cyril?


By Michael Weston

This original script is based on Charles Dickens classic story about Christmas "A Christmas Carol". But, this hilarious version is set in modern day Australia and with a female Scrooge as well. How will she cope with a visit from her dead business partners? Not to mention the three wacky spirits they send her to teach her all about Christmas! Featuring all the favourite and well known characters with recommended songs and some original pieces as well.

Cast is 16 main roles plus Chorus. Many of these can be achieved by doubling up. Tempo produced this play as a Christmas Theatre Restaurant piece and was a huge success with all audiences.

One-Act Plays


By Michael Weston

This is a one Act play which was nominated for best original Script at the Canberra One Act Play festival of 2002. With one simple set and only five characters it is a great training piece or a potential winner for your group's entry in a festival.

Story : Pete is a writer who hasn't done much for a while and then finds himself writing for a well known soapie. His girlfriend Jules is a research scientist who is researching the nature of time. In a major accident Pete sets off a train of events which brings "the bard" himself to our time. While Jules frantically hunts for a way to send him back Pete gets him to help write a plot for the soapie. You'll never guess the end!


By Michael Weston

Story : It is opening night of the new show by the Canberra Region Amateur Players but everything seems to be going wrong! There is only one person who can save the show from being complete CRAP. Who?? Why the prompt – of course!

This hilarious comment on Amateur Theatre contains all the characters we know and have met. Presented first at the 2005 Canberra Festival Of One Act Plays it also received great acclaim by audiences during a return theatre season presented by Tempo. With only 6 characters and a running time of 45 minutes, this play has so much potential for your festival entry or short season nights. The characters were so much loved by all at Tempo that Michael is even working on a sequel!


By Michael Weston

This show is the sequel to the popular THE PROMPT and features all the favourite characters from the Canberra Regional Amateur Players (CRAP). This time it is the group’s AGM and there is trouble in the ranks as long term stalwart Donald is being challenged for the presidency by a newcomer. It features every incident you have ever seen at theatre group meetings and with this bunch who knows what might go wrong?

With 7 characters, a 40 minutes running time and a simple set and lighting requirement this play is ideal for a festival entry or as part of your own short play season. Multi nominated at the 2007 Canberra festival of one act plays and winner of 3 awards.


By Michael Weston

Story : How will two old ladies cope with a dead body? (What else did you think it was?) When they decide to "cover it up" for the moment the fun really begins when Father O'Reilly decides to pay a visit. Will he cotton on to the ploy before Katherine gets completely drunk? This show is a warm and very funny story with only 4 characters (includes the body) and a running time of 35 minutes, one simple set and only 3 scenes each denoted by quick light changes. A hit with audiences of all ages.


By Bruce Vincent

Join with the residents for this mad-cap, comic romp through "Tranquil Waters" - a looney bin - as they try to outwit the beastly Matron Gertrude and her henchmen. Can the hero, Bell Jingle, save the day? Will truth, justice, love and laxatives triumph in the end or be submerged, along with Bell, in Matron's Kerosene baths?

The play has 10 characters - including a number of smaller parts for newcomers - and no scene changes. It has a running time of  50 minutes with minimal set and props.

Good fun for all!


By Bruce Vincent

Things aren't what they used to be for Jack, and his trusty offsider Nifty, two down and out conmen who try to marry into high society and money. Their potential betrothed turn out to be the widows from Hell (metaphorically speaking) and in the end it's a question of who can outcon who the best.

With a cast of 6,a minimal set and no scene changes, this fast paced comedy runs for 40 minutes.


By Bruce Vincent

What happens when two desperate, divorced couples are mismatched by a dating agency and end up seated opposite each other in the world's worst restaurant?

You'll have to read the script of this light hearted comedy to find out.

With 5 characters, no scene changes, a simple set and a running time of 40 minutes the play is easy to produce with a good time to be had by all - including the audience.


By Bruce Vincent

Why is Jollie Fish, lawyer, hiding out in his toilet (drunker than the proverbial skunk)  instead of in Court where he's supposed to be? Could it have something to do with the two women in his office - both of who claim to be his wives? Or the creditors who are waiting for him? Or the local parish priest who has been troubled by only one thought of late - choir boys?

The play has 7 characters, no scene changes, a simple set and a running time of 40 minutes. Not to mention lots of laughs for all in this fast paced comedy.


By Bruce Vincent

This haunting psychological thriller - about a hypnotic stage show that goes terribly wrong - runs for 40 minutes with no scene changes or set (apart from 3 kitchen chairs).

It has a cast of 4 and reveals,through the ghost of a murdered wife, the dread secret that has tormented the main character - Gareth - for many years. Not one for the faint hearted this play will keep you sitting on the edge of your seats, and chewing your finger nails, until the final scream.

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