Auditions for Mother and Son

Tempo Theatre is pleased to announce auditions for Mother and Son, a play by Geoffrey Atherden based on the ABC TV series of the 1980s and 90s, to be held on Saturday, February 24th, at the Belconnen Community Centre.

It centres around the relationship between Maggie - who is becoming a little more "forgetful" - and her youngest son Arthur, who moves in when his father dies. He never leaves. The TV series was loved by audiences as it reflected real life situations - yet it maintained the dignity of Maggie, whose cunning saw her win in most instances.

Mother and Son will be directed by Michael Weston.

Performances at the Belconnen Community Theatre from May 18 to June 2.

If you would like to be involved please call Michael on 6288 0609

We need people for the following roles:

Maggie Beare (Mother)Warm hearted gentle nature verging on dementia (F 70-80)
Arthur Beare (Son)Harrassed youngest son trying desperately to look after his mum (M 35-45)
Robert Beare (Other Son)Favourite older son; dentist and a philanderer (M 34-45)
Liz Beare (Roberts Wife)Long suffering wife; a bit snobby and social climber (F 35-45)
Anita (Arthurs Girlfriend)Kind hearted professional girl who wants to be everyones friend (F late 30s)
Monica (Old Lady In Nursing Home)Elderly resident of retirement home who befriends Maggie (F 70s)
Steve (Aged Care Assessor)Efficient administrator type (M any)
Bronte Beare (Grandchild)Bit of a brat (F 12-14)
Jarrod Beare (Grandchild)Younger brat (M 10-12)
Various Voices On Phone

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