Auditions for Book of the Month

Tempo Theatre is pleased to announce auditions for Book of the Month, a play by Basil Thomas, to be held on Saturday, March 4th, at the Belconnen Community Centre.

The orderly suburban life of a 1950's English town is turned on its head when the young daughter of a Member of Parliament writes a steamy bestseller, featuring characters obviously based on the local population. They begin to see themselves and their neighbours in a surprising new light.

Book of the Month will be directed by Jon Elphick.

Rehearsals will be held on Sunday Afternoons from 1pm to 4pm, and Tuesday and Thursday Nights from 7.30 to 9.30, commencing from Sunday 19th March

Performances at the Belconnen Community Theatre in late May and early June, concluding by June 4th.

If you would like to be involved please call Jon or Marian on 6254 3727

We need people for the following roles:

Edward Halliday MPThe father and an MP. In line for a knighthood. Fine upstanding member of the community. Likes to play golf on Sundays. (50/60's).
Joanna HallidayHis wife. Typical housewife of the 50's. (40/50's)
Marcia WentworthJoanna's slightly older sister. Goes to church every Sunday. (40/50's)
Betty (Bim) HallidayEdward and Joanna's daughter. Writer of Bare Bosom'd Night. A young lady who wants a new life for herself and has become a novelist. (Late teens/25)
DorisThe maid. (30/60)
Col. Howard Barnes-BradleyMilitary type. Retired Colonel. Well dressed and sporty. (50/60)
Doctor Ian MaclureA Scottish doctor. Old family friend treated as part of the family. (40/50)
Nicholas Barnes-BradleyThe colonel's nephew. Tall young man, a public school product. He is an intellectual and would be novelist. (20/30)

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